Healing Crystals for Nursery & Newborn Baby Kit - 7 Piece

When a child is born, his or her surroundings are highly stimulating. Everything is brand new to them, and every sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste is a jolt to their delicate nervous system. While baby learns to cope with the enormous energies of the world, crystals may assist them energetically by working with them to make this transition more smooth and gentle.

The best crystals for your baby nursery are those that calm the stimulating energies of their developing nervous system, while gently supporting their core energies to come to fruition. The ability to provide energetic protection is another wonderful aspect of crystals that they can provide.

Citrine: healing properties may be used to aid in the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of both babies and children. When placed in a baby’s room, citrine can help to create a calm and positive environment. Citrine is a prosperity stone that brings happiness, joy, and positivity. It is also known as a lucky stone because it can attract abundance and good fortune. Citrine is used to cleanse the chakras and open up the channels of communication. Citrine radiates such a strong golden light that it reflects the sun's rays perfectly, sending positive energy into one's surroundings.

Rose Quartz: is a beautiful pink crystal that is also known as the stone of unconditional love. Its mild and relaxing energy makes it an excellent option for newborns. Babies will feel secure while being away from their mother's side due to its presence and warm energy, which feels like a comforting tight hug. Rose Quartz is also beneficial to babies who are afraid of the dark and have trouble sleeping. The stone also aids in the development & connection of a deeper bond with your child. It appears that nursing or rocking your infant near Rose Quartz crystal is very therapeutic.

Blue Calcite: is soothing, sweet, and calming. It can help quiet the soul and allow for easy resting, de-stress and helps your baby gently unwind. Calcites in general have a slower vibration and a lower frequency so they are tranquil and comforting in their energy rather than overwhelming or stimulating. This gemstone works best when kept in the room where your baby sleeps.

Selenite:is a very peaceful stone that brings stillness and calm to any space. Selenite has a soft vibration that brings us in touch with Angelic guidance and connection. It is also a protective stone, particularly in keeping outside influences out which make Selenite a wonderful choice for protecting your baby's nursery. Being a powerful & nurturing stone makes Selenite a lovely choice for babies and children.

Black Tourmaline: is a protective stone that enhances your emotional and spiritual well-being. It can assist children feel safe and secure as they fall asleep at night. Children will be confident and grounded while being surrounded by black tourmaline, which will aid in the reduction of their fears. Black Tourmaline is a powerful and beautiful stone that can bring you happiness, love, confidence, and good health.

Lepidolite: is a dream at helping heal emotional overdrive and it also works wonders on the physical body too, known to give the immune system a bountiful boost. As a stone recognized for reducing stress factors and anxiety, Lepidolite also gets to work making sure the nervous system is in complete harmony. Lepidolite is a hugely stabilizing stone and therefore it’s energy works wonders when it comes to balance and complete emotional healing. It helps babies fall asleep more quickly by soothing emotional conflicts caused by excessive exposure to chaotic energies.

Pyrite: is a powerful protection stone that is beneficial for babies to feel secure and protected even when they are not in your presence. It is known to deflect negative energy from the space where it is placed, and alchemizes bad energy into positive loving energy, which is particularly significant during the early months of a baby's life & development. This crystal promotes good physical as well as emotional well-being and is believed to aid in the cleansing of the body and the treatment of diseases to keep your little one healthy. Pyrite is wonderful for soothing colicky infants or getting them to sleep. Place a pyrite stone near a light source, such as a lamp or even sunlight streaming through a window.


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G.H. (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Amazing products

I wish I would have found this website before my babies . I bought the baby crystals for my sister who is giving birth to my nephew in a few weeks . I got something for myself . From the packaging to the products they are beautiful