How does she do it - Submission


Photo via CATGK

Have you ever stalked a profile where photo after photo looked perfect and you asked yourself “how does she do it?” You know those social media feeds that are curated to almost pure perfection while looking effortless. With our new series "how does she do it?" LITTLEMISSDESSA goes behind the scenes to ask those very women, how they balance it all—from motherhood, self-maintenance, household duties, to working full time and more. We are on a mission to uncover that mythical balance that looks like they've got it all figured out! We've all compared ourselves to "those" women and mothers at one point or another and I'm sure some even compare themselves to you! Instead of criticizing ourselves, our goal is to uplift and share our experiences to help one another through womanhood —because the struggle is real, for EVERYONE.

We at LMD, believe that motherhood is a community of strong, intelligent, kindhearted women. Mothers should take time to realize that even though it is challenging at times, you are not alone. We will never judge you. The feeling we try to create is a genuine support system that is unconditional and non biased. With this series, you should understand that there is no right or wrong– but more importantly, always do what's best for you and your family. It's important because this series allows us to learn from one another and if nothing else, makes us feel less alone. We understand it takes a village, and we are here when you need it most.

If you have been following along with our "how does she do it?" blog series, you know that we would love to hear how you do it as well! All mothers are welcome to submit their interview. Click here to see the details & how.

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