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Camel & Ivory Stripe Knotted Baby Gowns

Our love for the perfect camel color continues! We added our camel & ivory stripe our Little Nursling™ collection! It's the perfect shade of a dark honey--a gender neutral color thats modern and chic for newborn babies.

Knotted baby gown in Camel Stripe

Knotted Baby Gown in Camel Stripe & Ivory Stripe // Camel Swaddle Blanket // Camel & Ivory Stripe Swaddle Blanket // Velvet Bows in Casablanca // Slumberkins Sloth // Camel & Ivory Stripe Knotted Baby Hat

Camel Stripe Swaddle Baby Blanket

Baby Heandband Bows

knotted baby hat in camel stripe

Slumberkins Sloth

knotted baby gowns & sleeper in gender neutral camel stripe

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