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Once you enter the wonderful world of motherhood, you are exposed to so many things that were not a part of your life prior. One of them is Children’s brand, which many are handmade and not available in retail stores or boutiques. The only way you can get your baby, toddler, or young child rocking these fashionable and one of a kind pieces, is to purchase them online or through a VIP/BST (buy, sell and trade) group.

The problem is with the handmade community growing rapidly, the children’s accessories and clothing brands are becoming all the rage. Which means more mamas are becoming aware and making your chances of scoring something so much harder. Coveted brands with adorable prints & styles for babies and toddlers are being sold out within minutes of launch dates and it’s becoming almost impossible to get your hands on them–unless you're in their secret Facebook group.

Okay, it's not really secret, but sort of because most brands don’t actively promote the group. So chances are the only way you’ll find out about the group, is if your added by a friend who’s already in!

Do you want in? Well you’re in luck because I am listing direct links to some of the most coveted brands and their exclusive Facebook groups who often give you early access, discounts, and much more!


Rags To Raches

Xaria & Co.

Crew + Lu

Vivi Jewels

Rylee + Cru

Goldy Belle

Alice + Ames

Pistol & Arrow

Wunderkin formerly known as Free Babes

June & January

Maisie Jayne

Little Minis

Fancy Little Fox

The Magpie Co

Freshly Picked Moccs

Bobo Choses

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